“What is simple? Well, it’s a bit like the ‘What is art?’ question, the answer for most of us is that we know it when we see it. For me, ‘simple’ means no fuss and no waste!

Simple design is sublime: it’s about clean lines and well thought out spaces where nothing frustrates the function of the space.

In building it means using reliable systems and techniques that minimise risk to the budget and schedule: timber framework is easy to erect with a small crew and by using readily available materials, supply chain issues are reduced. ‘Simple’ also has a modest impact on budget, leaving you more for the luxuries of life.

Simple is quality you feel.”


“Beauty is in the balance of function and form. It looks right because it is right.

My homes have workable proportions, so you are always comfortable, whatever you are doing. You have light where you want it and fresh air where you need it. Sheltered outdoor spaces let you enjoy the best of Tassie’s good weather and protect you from the worst.

I like to use natural products like timber and stone where possible because there is no denying natural beauty.

A beautiful home is one that satisfies, functionally and aesthetically.”


“We have a two-pronged approach to efficiency. The first is design: living in your home should be effortless. Intelligent use of flow space means all your floor area is used for what it was designed for.

Second is energy: the best way to save energy is to not use it in the first place. Seasonal sun-control combined with thoughtful insulation and draft-proofing saves you money from day one and makes you feel snug at the same time. And all our homes are low maintenance, giving you more time for … living.”